Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Essex County

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If you find yourself constantly sneezing or coughing, or noticing dust in the air or built up on your furniture or around your home, your ducts may be in need of cleaning. Air duct cleaning is one of the most important ways to keep your whole house clean. Air ducts can accumulate dirt, dust, pet dander, bacteria, insects, drywall dust, and more, and whenever your heating or ventilation systems turn on, that built-up material can be spread through all of the vents in your home. When your air ducts aren’t properly cleaning, it can lead to reduced efficiency, effectiveness, and even mechanical problems for your heating and cooling systems. All of these can lead to higher costs for heating or cooling bills, or repair bills down the road. To make sure that the air being distributed throughout your home is clean and that your ventilation systems are able to work their best, contact Shields Clean. We are experts in residential air duct cleaning services in Windsor, Lakeshore, Tecumseh, and throughout Essex County.

At Shields Clean, we offer full residential air duct cleaning services to help improve the air quality in your home. We use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean your home’s air ducts and remove any trapped debris in them, leading to cleaner air and less buildup of dust and allergens throughout your house. If you or any of your loved ones in the home suffer from allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory issues, having cleaner air ducts can go a long way towards achieving a healthier home. The same can be true for families with very young children, who can also benefit greatly from having cleaner air at home.

There are some things that can increase the presence of build-up in your air ducts, and in those cases getting proper home air duct cleaning services in Windsor-Essex becomes even more important. Home renovation projects can lead to extra dust, drywall dust, and other materials being deposited in your ducts. Adding pets to the family can also lead to an increased need for home duct cleaning as more hair can start to enter the ventilation system.

One of the specialized services we offer is furnace fan cleaning. Having a dirty furnace fan can lead to reduced efficiency and the need for your system to work harder to properly heat your home. This very often leads to higher heating bills and can lead to mechanical damage to your furnace. To help prevent this, let us take care of your furnace fan cleaning needs. Our professionals will clean your furnace fans properly and safely, removing any build-up from them and letting them work as they were designed to again. We use air pressure tools and other specialized equipment to remove dust, dirt, hair, drywall debris, and other materials from your furnace fan, allowing it move air more effectively. For your home's cooling systems, we can also keep your A/C coils cleaned and properly inspect them to ensure they're clean and able to work efficiently.

We would love the chance to earn your business. Whether you need home air duct cleaning in Windsor, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, LaSalle, or throughout Essex County, contact Shields Clean today. Whether you need standard air duct cleaning, furnace fan cleaning, or any other duct cleaning services for your home, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right, and help make your home healthier and more efficient.